garage sale haul.

The arrival of spring gets me excited about a lot of things — retiring the snow blower, Saturday mornings spent at the farmers market, planting in the garden — but mostly it gets me excited for — wait for it — garage sale season! You guys know I love thrifting and turning other people’s trash into my own little treasures. This past weekend was the North side of Rochester’s annual city-wide garage sale and I’m already looking forward to the South side portion coming up this weekend! While I didn’t walk away with a whole lot at the end of the day, I was happy with the few items I found nonetheless (some of which you might have already seen on my Instagram)! Check it out:

garage sale haulthrow pillows – $1/ea, queen-sized knit blanket – $2, statue – $2, ceramic pie dish – $1, mini wall art – $o.25, elephant planter – $3… TOTAL = $10.25

I typically don’t buy pillows/blankets from thrift stores (unless new) because, well you just never know, but I don’t hesitate to do so at garage sales since I can meet the people who previously owned the items. The throw pillows are really sizable and being that they’re a neutral color they can work in just about any space. I bought the blanket from a sweet old couple that I know will come in handy during the winter months (it’s similar to this one from Target but was only a fraction of the price — score!) As for the rest of my finds…

garage sale items

I was oddly drawn to that little floral wall art piece. I like the tarnished frame and think it could look really nice among a gallery wall mixed in with some modern pieces. If it doesn’t work out, I figure it could just be a cool coaster.

I bought the pie dish for a day when I’m feeling domestic and want to make a pretty fruit tart like this. I’ll let you know when that happens…

The statue was a quirky piece I couldn’t pass up. I debated using it as book shelf decor but opted to put it with my jewelry and use it to a necklace display instead (see below).

And last but not least, my favorite find was the elephant planter. It just so happened that I recently saw Melissa from The Inspired Room blog bought an almost identical one from Anthropologie (actually a creamer, not a planter) which I was swooning over. I was happy to come across a similar piece but even happier that I was able to pay less than four times what Anthro is selling it for!

necklace holderThe statue made its way into my jewelry storage area. It’s a fun and unexpected piece that spruces up the dresser.

elephant planter

industrial workspaceThe elephant planter found a home at the desk in the basement guest bedroom.

That’s all this time around! Hopefully you will see more garage sale haul posts from me throughout the summer. In the meantime, check out my top five tip for being a savvy garage sale shopper here and do some treasure hunting of your own!



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  1. Thrifty Fun Blog

    I love the statue! I’m just starting out in the blog world. I’d love for you to check out mine, & maybe even follow :)

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