a chair facelift.

I picked up this old chair back when I was in college from a local thrift store for $10. A piece of furniture with a retro vibe and aged mustard cushions? Yeah, I had to have it.


Even though it’s a relatively unique piece, it always ends up in the corner of any room I put it in, just looking all drab and neglected. I knew it needed something. But what? I tried sprucing it up using various throws and accent pillows over the years, but that only seemed to hinder the chair’s character… until the other day when I came up with a new idea: paint.

Since there was plenty of leftover white paint from the cabinet makeover, here’s what I did to take the chair from ‘blah’ to ‘ooh-la-la!’

chair face lift

BINGO! A bit of paint gave it a whole new identity and enhanced the modern factor. It almost reminds me of something you’d come across at CB2 or Jonathan Adler.

chair 2

Instead of fading into the corner like before, the chair has become a statement piece. Now all it needs is the accompaniment of a side table and floor lamp. The power of a little paint, people!


Do you have any furniture items that you think you could perk up with a coat of paint?



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2 responses to “a chair facelift.

  1. Laura

    I was excited to see what you could possibly do to improve that chair and was pleasantly surprized! You’ve got talent.

  2. Hello from France!
    This is very nice, you have managed to keep its spirit!

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