the brooch is back!

I think the majority of us associate brooches as an out-of-date “old lady” type of an accessory. But I’ve got news — the brooch is back my friends! Talk about a fun and simple way to spruce up a blazer or blouse, or even a purse! And what’s even better – you can come across them for pretty reasonable prices at antique shops (or for free in your grandma’s jewelry box.)

Still not keen on the idea of sporting a brooch? Another great accessory alternative to the brooch is a faux floral pin, like here:

  See how Elaine from ‘Clothed Much’ sports her floral pin perfectly here, or how Julia from ‘Gal Meets Glam’ does here.

Flower pins also happen to be a super simple (and cheap) DIY project which I will make sure to feature within the next week. Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend :)



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3 responses to “the brooch is back!

  1. I sure love me a good brooch! perfect finds:)

  2. I’m totally digging these right now! I love your picks.
    xo Josie

  3. I love brooches. So girly!

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