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book worm.

Outfit details: Vogue glasses (prescription) @ Target; American Eagle button up – $2.50 @ All in Vogue Designer Consigner in Rochester; Old Navy striped top – $2.99 @ St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in St. Paul; Vintage Dooney & Bourke purse – $7.99 @ Arc’s Value Village in Brooklyn Center; Land’s End corduroy pants – $5.99 @ Arc’s Value Village in Brooklyn Center; Ralph Lauren Polo shoes – $9.99 (on clearance) @ TJ Maxx.


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go-to transition top.

Outfit details Dolce & Gabbana aviators – $6 @ Encore Consignment in Mankato; Earrings – $2.78 (on clearance) @ Target; BCBG oversized sweater – $7.99 @ Arc’s Value Village Thrift Store in St. Paul; H&M belt – $1.99 @ Arc’s Value Village Thrift Store in St Paul; Antique cocktail ring – $12 @ Treasure Chest Antiques in Waseca; Et Vous pants – $4.99 @ Goodwill in Bloomington; Xhiliration booties – $7.48 (75% off clearance) @ Target; Coach purse – $6.99 @ Goodwill in West St. Paul.

Just like the title says, say hello to my go-to top for transitioning into fall. I spent a bit more on this particular shirt than I normally do when it comes to thrift store purchases, but being that it was in mint condition and a great fit, I felt it was money well spent. It’s a heavier fabric, but breathable and short-sleeved, so it works great for our current change of seasons here in lovely Minnesota :) This weekend I packed away all of my summer attire and brought out my box of scarfs and heavier knit tops, which I am looking forward to wearing within the next few weeks!

What’s a seasonal transition piece from your closet that you’re currently loving?


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loafin’ around.

Outfit details: Liz Claiborne blazer – $5 @ MRCI Thrift Store in Mankato; Flower pinDIY; American Eagle button-up – $2.50 @ All in Vogue Designer Consigner in Rochester; Vintage men’s Timex watch – $3.50 @ WSP Antiques in West St. Paul; Belt – $6.98 (on clearance) @ Target; Gap pants – $1.49 @ Goodwill in St. Paul; Ann Taylor loafers – $4 @ Animal Arc Thrift Store in St. Paul.

I’ve been seeing a lot of loafers in the fashion scene lately and while I was hesitant about them at first, I found this lovely Ann Taylor pair for a heck of a deal at a new thrift store I recently ventured to. I saw it as a sign to give the trend a whirl. Here are some various ways women are wearin’ them, but this is my favorite. What’s your take on sportin’ the loafer look?

Have a great weekend everyone! Be sure to stop back again tomorrow for my weekly inspiration post :)

Until then… keep it chic!


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workwear: penny-pinched pencil skirt.

Outfit details: {Necklace – $6.80 @ Forever21; Forever21 cropped top – $4.99 @ Goodwill in West St. Paul; Antique men’s Timex watch – $3.50 @ WSP Antiques in West St. Paul; Vintage clutch – $5 @ Sophie Joe’s Emporium in St. Paul; Antique cocktail ring – $12 @ Treasure Chest Antiques in Waseca; Ralph Lauren pencil skirt – $1 @ MRCI Thrift Store in N. Mankato (now closed); Apt. 9 heels – $28.99 (orig. $49.99) @ KOHL’S} Nail polish in “Merino Cool” by Essie.

Yesterday a $0.99 maxi skirt, today a $1 pencil skirt. Although both wonderful deals, I think the pencil skirt wins hands-down between the two in terms of style.  The pencil skirt is a classic you can’t go really wrong with. And for the price that I snagged this particular one at, you really can’t go wrong! What’s a timeless item you’ve recently purchased for a fab deal?


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maxi madness.

Outfit details: Leaf earrings – $3.80 @ Forever21; H&M scarf – $9.99 @ H&M; Kensie cardigan – $4.99 @ Savers in Rochester; Liz Claiborne belt – $1.99 @ Goodwill in Maplewood; Casual Corner maxi skirt – $0.99 @ Arc’s Value Village in Brooklyn Center; Mossimo flats – $4.98 (75% off clearance) @ Target.

I never thought I would wear an ankle-length skirt in an attempt to be “fashionable,” but after seeing some of my favorite bloggers sport the maxi skirt look so effortlessly (here, here, and here), I decided to give it a go. I managed to get just what I was after for a mere $0.99 at one of my local thrift stores, and before I knew it, I was rockin’ the maxi! I am loving the fact that it’s suprisingly comfortable and gives off a different aura of sophistication in comparison to say, a pencil skirt. And what’s even better is that as the temperatures start to drop, you can simply slip on a pair of leggings or sweater tights underneath without anyone knowing the difference. I am calling this “bohemian chic.”

What is your opinion on the maxi trend – love it or leave it?


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back-to-school clothes: thrift store style.

Today is a special post – I am featuring my lovely little sisters and their second-hand savvy back-to-school ensembles! I am overjoyed that my sisters are embracing thrifting at such a young age. They love going to Goodwill on Thursdays when kids clothes are half off and enjoy poking jokes at people who pay full price. Needless to say, I am one proud big sis. So without further ado, meet my sisters and their thrifty threads (including Gap kids, Limited Too, and Justice). Please excuse the poor camera quality and bad lighting!

This is Margaret, aka Maggie: age 9, 4th grade, the baby of the family, should be featured on the show “Kids Say the Darndest Things.”

This is Elizabeth, aka Bets (also seen here): age 11, 6th grade, my mini-me, too smart for her own good.


And now for a re-cap of my Labor Day thrift excursion! – First off, let it be known that Labor Day for thrifters is like Black Friday for retail-shoppers; the parking is crazy, the lines are outrageous, and people get pushy, and I mean pushy!  So it almost made me start to wonder if getting “half off” was really worth all of the hustle and bustle, but after walking away with the lovely items that I did at dirt cheap prices, I decided it was.

  • Arden B. trench: $4.49 @ Goodwill in West St. Paul
  • Vintage genuine leather clutch: $2.49 @ Unique Thrift Store in St. Paul
  • Brass elephant bookend: $1.99 @ Valu Thrift Store in St. Paul
  • Banana Republic cashmere blend sweater: $3.49 @ Valu Thrift Store in St. Paul
  • Ann Taylor silk blend sweater – $2.99 @ Valu Thrift Store in St. Paul
  • Oversize chunky knit scarf – $3.49 @ Valu Thrift Store in St. Paul

Total grand total? $18.94! Now how’s that for money well spent?

Oh, and one last thing – I recently created a Blog Lovin’ account; you can follow me here! :)


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out today – gone shopping!

(image via Google)

I normally feature an outfit post on Mondays, but as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, many thrift stores are offering promotional Labor Day sales. That being said, I am out scouring my local second-hand stores in hopes of scoring some fabulous frugal finds. Visit again tomorrow to see what I came home with and a fun post on back to school shopping – thrift store style! :)

Keepin’ it chic for cheap,


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workwear: 9 to 5 neutral

Outfit details: Vintage sunnies – $1.60 @ Arc’s Value Village in Brooklyn Center; Limited blazer – $2.50 @ MVAC Thrift & More in Mankato; H&M top – $4.99 @ Goodwill in West St. Paul; H&M hobo bag – $10 @ Everyday People in St. Paul; Liz Claiborne leather belt – $1.99 @ Goodwill in Maplewood; Banana Republic pants – $6.99 @ Goodwill in Maplewood; Mossimo pumps – $29.99 (splurge alert! – buy ’em here) @ Target.

Recent fall polish purchase splurge:“Merino Cool” by Essie.

There are about a million ten other colors I currently want as well, but at $7.79 a bottle (@ Target), I am keeping them as an ‘every-now-and-then-treat’ type of purchase. However, out-of-season colors should be going on sale soon enough. And speaking of which, if you missed my post a while back about how to snag Essie polish for fractions of the retail price, check it out HERE.

Have a great weekend friends! Back sure to stop back tomorrow for my weekly dose of inspiration, and again on Sunday for my weekly recipe reveal!

Until next time…


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DIY: faux flower pin.

First off – Happy September :) We are officially transitioning into my favorite time of the year – fall! And if you haven’t experienced a Minnesota fall, you’re missin’ out my friends. But enough about that… onto business! I promised last week in this post that I would feature a DIY pin tutorial, so here you have it.

What you’ll need:

  • Fake flower(s) of your choice
  • Bar pin
  • Permanent bond glue
  • Pair of scissors

Step-by-step directions:

Pull the wire stem out from the flower.Glue or cut any petals that are curled. Glue bar pin onto flower base. 

Once dry, pin onto a blazer or cardigan. And there you have it – a custom “simply chic for cheap” statement accessory. Let’s hear it for flower power!! Okay, kidding… kind of.

Now make a stop to your near-by craft store and get to it! :)


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